About Me!

I am a typical person. love sports.  I have several teams I root for in several sports.  In football I root for the Texans, 49ers, Raiders and anyone who plays against the Cowboys.  College football, the UT Longhorns, and Sam Houston State University Bearcats.  Baseball I root for the Astros, Dodgers and Phillies, oh, and any team playing the Yankees.  I also love hockey, rooting for the Flames, Canadians, Flyers, and Islanders.

I also enjoy bowling, currently carry a 195 average in a bowling league, which I am also the league president.

I am a big science-fiction fan, enjoying Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylong 5, and Battlestar Galactica, to name a few shows I have watched over the years.  I also like some fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, and I enjoyed Harry Potter as well.

I love playing games, both board and computer.  I find I enjoy a variety of games on the computer, including the Elder Scroll games, especially 3-5, the Civilization series, and light games such as casino games.  My board games are mostly large games revolving around naval combat of World War 1, 2 and modern.  These include such games as the Fleet series (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th Fleet) The Great War at Sea II series, 9 Navies War, and War at Sea and Victory in the Pacific.

I have a great interest in history, especially 20th century WW 1 and 2, and ancient history.  I have a love of battleships, when I was young we went to Hawaii for a family vacation.  While there, we visited the USS Arizona memorial, and since then I have not been able to read enough about the ships.

I also enjoy writing and reading.

I hope you find my comments thought provoking.

I am Conservative!


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