Daughter’s Too Short


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Was reading the strange news today and ran across this article:

Oregon Seizes Mother’s Three Children Because Daughter Is ‘Too Short’

Reading through this mother, Angelia Borths, has been targeted by the Child Protective Services many times.

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Obama on Islam


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Obama continues to double down, even rewriting history, to make it appear that islam is part of the history of the United States.  He has now several times stated this as a fact despite no proof.

“Here in America,” Obama stated, “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.”

This is despite the fact that the majority of founders were not muslim, but were one of the many sects of Christianity.


Obama Losing MSNBC on Terrorism


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The far left has generally been in sync with the Obama Administration when it comes to talking about radical islamic terror with groups such as isis.  However in recent days after isis murdered 21 Christians even MSNBC broke from the administration

Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews both stated not only that the people killed where Christian, but it was done by isis which was a radical islamic state.


Obama Losing Egypt as an Ally


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The Obama Administration is losing the ally of Egypt in the Middle East due to its policies according to senior Egyptian officials.  This flies in the face of what media reports about how Obama is doing overseas.

The media wants the American citizens to believe that Obama’s policies are making a safer world.  In fact its the opposite, the policies are making the world more dangerous, especially for Americans.




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It seems like we’re all hypocrites at one time or another.  But this one caught my attention and made me think.


Think about it for a second.  It makes sense.  Liberals get all upset about what the CEO of a company thinks because he/she is a Christian, demands a boycott, yet an Islamic country, person or company nothing happens to.

It shows how the left cannot criticize anything to do with islam.

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Never Again


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70 years ago the world fought against an evil tyranny who killed millions, including 6 million Jews.  The Nazis lined them up and killed them.  Developed efficient killing techniques to mass kill people.

The world was horrified when the realization of what happened came out.

Now, fast-forward 70 years there is a new group calling themselves isis who are doing the exact same thing.  The only difference, the left refuse to acknowledge this evil.  Its time to wake up, after all, didn’t we promise the world never again.